Charge x Dreamhack! Join us there this summer!

On june 16th, this year’s Dreamhack Summer starts! And we are going!

Together with Dreamhack, we are also giving away 6 event tickets to 3 winners, follow this link to enter the giveaway! :

The Charge crew will be at the event all 3 days, we hope you will to!

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Charge Expands into Nordic Region

We have some great news to share with our Scandinavian community today as we plan to further expand Charge and our services in the Nordic region. In the first phase people in Denmark, Finland & Norway will be able to invoice for their work and prize-winnings on our partners platforms.
Feel free to join us on our discord server and hang-out in our rooms or come ask us anything!

Our Discord community –

The Charge Team

Charge launches beta for its Twitch donation plugin

Charge have developed and launched a beta for a plugin that allows you to connect your charge account to streamlabs and re-directs your donations to  Charge. At the charge platform you can track your donations and then it gets paid out to your bank account, taxed and ready to be spent! If you are interested in joining the closed beta or want to know more feel free to join our discord and reach out to the Charge team! 

Our Discord community –